Santa is cool….

This year Santa is confused what to give to Jasmine and Edgar
Especially because Edgar has expensive thing in his wish list
But Edgar got a great idea, He will gave Santa some money from his saving
so that Santa wont be burden to buy him an expensive gift

So Santa gave Edgar and Jasmine each a gift voucher from Matahari Dept Store
So they can choose what they want and add from their own money if is not enough
Santa is smart and cool, isn’t he or she?

On Sunday Edgar and jasmine went to Matahari with Mama
Edgar fina


2012 vs 2014

For couple years my big JACOBS family have our family pictures taken. It’s a special moment because everybody are in the same city. My brother Pierre and his family has been living abroad for sometimes, and thank God every Christmas he come back to visit. These pictures took at the same place Setiabudi Building near my church. Only we choose different spot and this year the decoration is so festive. Other than we miss my sister Debby who is now study in South Korea, we also miss my nephew Bryan and Little Brigusto who is a new addition in the family. But over all we had a great times….

the GUYS




welcoming 2015…

We haven’t take picture as family in front of our Christmas tree ever since it put on (Dec 5). So last Sunday before going to church I insist to have it because we will put it down soon. And I will regret if I miss the opportunity. I prepared my son black shirt to match my dress, my husband and daughter politely followed, so we all in black…..I love the taking pictures in this spot in the morning, the light is just perfect, made us look fresh and bright. Happy New Year!!!

i am back…..

O dear so many days i wanted to write on this blog but i don’t know why the setting won’t allow me to see my front page. So many stories I want to share through out the year of 2014 but i couldn’t figure out how to change the setting. I did try to change my theme though, I thought it would help but it’s not 😦 Thank God finally today I can do it. I am super happy. It doesn’t mind my writing will be about Christmas again but I might insert some other writings too….
Some update about me and my family
– i get my haircut short on October
– my son and his club won in a basketball competition
– my daughter jasmine was “Katniss Everdeen” at teen and campus costume party on November
– my husband is constantly busy and fly to some places for work but gave me Thursday morning as our “us” time.
I might write some of these later….and share some pictures with you. But for now I am so Exciting, my writing mood is back…… 🙂