help! i need a maid

My husband and I both are working full-time, and we have 2 kids. Since we got married we have a maid who help us with the house work, and take care the kids when we work. Some maid lasted for a year, some one or 2 months but the last one only stay for a week. At first she said she was lonely, no friends around, but my guess that’s not the reason. So I try to talk to her again, try to bargain, try to beg her to stay, then she said she got a better offer working as a shopkeeper. Well what can I say? That’s a carrier improvement for her, better salary, better job, how can I stop her? Before she left I still try to win her heart by saying ” if you ever feel bored or unhappy with your new job, you can always come back to us.” Nice try huh? But for how long we’re going to wait? My husband and I try to manage the house as much as we can, His duty including sweep and mop the floor, clean up the bathroom. Mine are wash the dishes, laundry, ironing and cooking. We were a great team at first…but for awhile, we got so tired and start to fight. Usually it’s me who start it, blamed him for not keep the house tidy. Yes I am a tidy freak! We try to teach the kids small task they can do, and the kids are doing it when we’re around, but when we’re not…they break all the rules. Sometimes I think to quit my job and just be a housewife. I try that once. But I do enjoy my carrier. Can I live without a maid? many other mothers can! So I should be ok. Right?……..


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