Love or Duty?


This is the question I asked myself last night.

I promised my friend to go visit her, because my husband and I are helping her and her husband with their married problem. After work I get some housework done, try to relax by watched silly program on TV, and then took shower, but somehow I still feel sleepy and tired. Beside that I also have to wait for my kids to come home from my parents house. The clock is ticking, my body and mind didn’t want to go, but we finally left the house at 10 to 8.

On the way I keep asking this to myself, why would I sacrifice my time with my kids, my time to sleep, my energy, to do this? So that I can look good in people’s eyes? I can’t lie but yes In the past that’s one of the reason. So I can gain more friends and acquaintance? Well this people is not the kind of people I used to hang out, we’re so different. Or so I can get point for reward? what point?

Is Love or duty? I would say both. I do love these people. I met them  first almost 4 years ago, when they still have the first child. Now they have 3 kids. We went through thick and thin. I see their kids grow, they become part of our life. Other than that, they are my brother and sister in Christ and even though I am not perfect I know that God wants me to care for them and take the responsibility to make sure that they are staying in His grace and grow spiritually.

God has loving me so much and forgiving me abundantly, so it’s hard to say no when it comes to do His will to help and care for other.


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