books I have read

 Greatbook by Khaled Hosseini! 

Can you change your past? Of course Not! But what can you do to reduce your guilty feeling you burried inside? That’s what Amir does.

It’s about 2 young boys in Afghanistan. One fight his way out of the place for his safety but carry a big hole in his heart. The other one stay and stand for what he believes but die in dignity.

If you looking for a thrilling romance? Got to read this one.

Bella moved to Forks, not expecting that she will face an unordinary life in that small and ordinary town. Meet a vampire family, fall in love to Edward and put her live in dangers,

But just like any other love story, you’ll do anything for your love. What amazed me is How Stephanie Meyer wrote this Twilight Saga from just a short dream she has one night. In that case I wish I was her.

As far as I know, teenagers as well as housewife love this book. Enjoy!

This book can make you depress but addicted at the same time.

It’s about 3 siblings who are trying to survive from their evil uncle. And luckily they all have some kind skill and knowledge (and is not supernatural ones) that can save them in times of trouble.

It’s a bit dragging after 7 books, but still worth to read because Lemony Snicket is such an interesting writer.

If You look for a happy ending love story, this is not for you.

But Jodi Picoult has a great skill to explain what happen in court as much as what happen to the characters mind.

She got me interesting to read all her books.

In this book, Nicholas Sparks has a way to explain a man’s feeling about a relationship.

Jeremy from New York and Lexie from Boone Creek, North Carolina were totally 2 different person who fall in love. They have to work through the way they think and their community to find their real love for each other.

happy reading!


2 thoughts on “books I have read

  1. Hello again, thought I’d drop by and see how your writing is going? I enjoyed your other posts btw and think you have a very natural way of writing. Hope to see more from you soon.

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