I want you to meet Pedro. I would like to say that this handsome dog is mine but that would be a lie. Because I wasn’t the one who take care of him and I don’t even know what kind of dog he is…

When he was born with some of his siblings (his mother is my parent’s dog), I instantly fall in love to him. And i told my mom that he is mine. But since I live in the neighborhood who didn’t like dog, and hardly any maid (cause most of them are Moslem) like to take care of dogs,  I never take him home with me. He stay in my parents house and Pa Aki (my parents’ gardener) took care of him. I just come once awhile and play with him.

I guess Pa Aki took care of him really well. He feed him good meats, and I was surprise because Pedro get so big and so handsome. I feel bad I didn’t took him at the first place, because the bonding between us will be much stronger.

I grew up always having dogs in my house. And I love puppies, but once when I was young, my puppy died from car accident, I was so hurt, I remember cried when saw him buried under a tree in the back of our house. And I said to myself that I would never love any dog like that. Since then I never have one on my own, just the family. But deep in my heart I want to have a dog, one that waiting for me to come home, one that walk with me in the morning, one that I can hold and teach to do things.  I am not really picky what kind of dog I would have, but I like a big dog with lot’s of hair.

I promised my son that one day I’ll allow him to have a dog. He love animal too, he brough home a cat one day, and even though I don’t really like cat, but the one whom I name Zero live with us for about a month,then runaway.

 Couple months ago my mom said that my Dad will give Pedro to someone else, because he became old and grumpy. Once he run after people on the street and bite someone, even though not too bad. When I heard this I feel so sad. I went to my parents house and thinking to spend our last time together. I was crying, but then my Dad cancel his plan cause my Mom told him that I was so sad. So Pedro still around. I  just wish to spend more time with him.


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