there are mouse in the house…

I just read an article about dancing mouse. Wow… this is new for me, I never heard of it before. It says that this mouse has the problem in their ears, they can’t keep their balance like other kind of mouse, so the way they move is by dancing. Sounds cute…like many cartoon on TV.

I have no sentiment about mouse but there is nothing cute about having mouse in the house and that’s what happen to me recently. I don’t know how they get in but somehow they make it, and they make it to the attic as well. One thing that bother me the most is when they move around in the attic, the noise is so annoying. Maybe they were dancing like the Waltzing mice I just read. Other thing is when finding my potatoes has big bites on it, that’s not funny at all.

My husband put traps in the house, and so far we have found 2 mouse. And not long after that there is a little one found death in the backyard. I don’t know why, maybe because the mother got caught. I thought we have no more, but yesterday I saw another one. My husband and I try to make it get out the house, but instead it run back to the room where we keep many stuff. So I guess we need another trap.

I just wonder if a house can be free from mouse at all.

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