but you have promised…

this week something just happened in my work place. Something about keeping a promise, and it turn out that’s not an easy thing. A co-worker promised to come back early from vacation to help me with my work. She doesn’t have to because she has the vacation until July 12, and I didn’t ask her either, she said that she’ll be back by July 1. Off course I am so happy to hear this because next year we will be partner,  and we can start to work together.

So when the time is come I waited for her but she didn’t show up and she didn’t call either, so I just wondering what happen? I waited for 2 days, to make the story short, I sms her and asked her why. She apologized and tell me that her mom is sick so she has to take her to the doctor everyday. Well what can I say, if she has a family matter off course she can’t come. This remind me how important a promise is, because when you promised, someone is count on you. I realize we are not perfect people, there are always something came up and we have to choose. we just need to communicate, explain, and make it up.

I have promised many things to my kids, about going swimming, reading story, to buy this and that. And sometimes is just a way to calm them down, after that I forgot what I said. And children somehow are very good in remembering that. “but Mom…you have promised”, thats what my son always said. So I myself have to be careful before say something and if I ever promise even just a small one, I have to learn to keep it. And my kids will learn the lesson from me, if I give bad examples, one day they will not become a reliable people.

Keeping promise shows not only that you are reliable, but you have integrity and you can be trust. I like one verse in the Bible; Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed (Psalm 119:116). So many people in the world (from the past till today) rely on God’s promise. And if He fail to fulfill it, imagine what our world will be like. I am glad God’s Word is always reliable, that alone give so much comfort. The time may not be according to our will but He knows the right time, and He always keep His Promise.


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