why Jasmine shouldn’t be happy about her b’day?

1. No birthday cake and blowing candles.

2. I am sick on my birthday (and this is the 2nd time)

3. Mom promised me chicken porridge for breakfast but didn’t get it for me till late after I was full from dinner at Pizza Hut.

4. She also said she wants to give me a pedicure but never happen till the next day.

5. We went to the rental to borrow HSM 3 but the rental was closed!

6. Papa went to work the whole day and just make it for dinner.

7. No present for me, except from Oma (she gave me a piggy bank almost full with Rp.200 coins)

8. My brother use my bike and didn’t want to share it with me.

9. I don’t mind not having a party, but why can I invite one of my classmate? she’s my best friend.

10. I know I am sick but why should I stay inside all the time?

I guess this is my guilty list, for not create a special day for my daughter 9th birthday last saturday. She may not think this way, but as I put myself in her shoes, that day was a disaster. The day before I try to asked her what can we do to make her feel better (since she was sick) and special? She mention about the Chicken Porridge, Peanut Butter Sandwich, I even offered her pedicure and rent HighSchool Musical 3 (her favorite movie), but I failed to do it. The sickness was out of my control but most of these were my fault, I don’t really make sure. I am sorry Baby, I hope next time I can make it better.


2 thoughts on “why Jasmine shouldn’t be happy about her b’day?

  1. Okay, first of all- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE!!! 🙂 I wish you all the best, lots of love & happiness! (And get well soon!)
    Trust me- she knows you love her and did your best. Birthdays are, in my opinion, always overrated, there is so much pressure, it’s almost impossible not to feel guilty afterwards. But I’m sure she was happy about it, and there is always next year.

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