Bad Hair Day…


I don’t have to ask you if you ever have a bad hair day, cause I believe anybody,even the most beautiful Movie Star experience this at least once in their lifetime. I don’t mine to have it once a month even once a week, but for me any days now is a bad hair day because I try to let my hair grow longer and i have so little time to take care of it. So mostly I will just tied it, twist it up or clip it, I don’t feel confidence at work especially when meeting people from outside.

When I was a teenager, I like my hair long. My hair is naturally wavy, and back in those days, people always admire it. When I went to the State in 1994, I decided to get it cut really short, and i feel comfortable with the style, people also said it fits me. I have the short hair for quite a long time. Once I try to let it grew again when I expected my boyfriend (now my husband) will proposed me and imagined i will have a wedding in a nice long hair, but he didn’t do it at the time, so I get it cut again. 

Lately I feel envy to see women with long straight hair, or maybe I was a victim of TV commercial where the pretty woman just comb her long black hair with her finger and it turn really nice like you just get out fron the salon. It seems so easy just wake up, comb it a little and go. Mine tends to get tangle, and when I comb it, it goes puffy. Many times after I wash my hair, I let it dry without comb it (main reason for this is because many hair falls when comb it while it still wet), then I will go to sleep with it. At first I like the result, it gets nice curly on it. But after a day, it goes really funny. I like it when I went to the hair Salon for Creambath or Spa. When I get out i will look like a celebrities with a smooth and straight hair.

Yesterday, I asked my friend about Smoothing. She get her hair smoothing 6 months ago, and it stay nice all the time. I noticed some friends did that too, even one of my sister. I think and decided I will go for this. Well, the price is not that cheap for me but comes with a cost and today it’s my pay-day so tomorrow will be a perfect day. I will go to the Hair salon and get it done, hopefully will solve my bad hair day for a while.

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