we’re in this together…


I was grew up in a middle class family, we’re not rich, but not poor as well. We always have food on the table, once a while we eat out. We always went to good enough schools, and all of us graduate from college. Although I was not into  branded clothes but I am grateful for what I have. So there is no time I can’t think of when I feel insecure about my situation, financial situation to be precise.

After graduate from college I work and received my first salary. I was exciting but the money doesn’t last long. By the end of the second week, it’s all gone, I don’t think I buy stuff, most of it were for transportation and food. So I cry out to my parents to give me some money. After sometimes, my mom give me a great advice, she said I should content myself with what I have in other words I should make it enough. It’s really hard but I try. I didn’t own a credit card back then, so even though struggle with money, but have no worry about debt.

After my husband and I got married. He’s the one who’s in charge to manage our money. I knew that’s the best way because i am not a good manager in terms of money. I am not a shopaholic, but sometimes (especially when I go to the mall) I can turn into one.  In the beginning he’s doing great, We combined our money to pay bills, for the kids education, glossary shopping, etc. Then we started to have problem, we’re always argue when talked about money. He try to explain but I still feel like it should be enough, why we always have debts.

Almost a year ago my husband confess that we have big debt in our credit cards. I was shock! The number surprise me because it’s beyond my imagination. Why? I know he’s not a person who like to spend money to buy gadgets or other things. The problem was he’s  too sweet, he can’t say “no”. When I want to buy this or that, he tried to warned me in the nicest way “don’t go over budget”  but still allowed me to buy. The other reason was he (or should i say we) like to help people, they borrow money from us, but they couldn’t pay back in full like they have promised, they pay little by little, and that just ruin our financial. So we’re not really stick to our budget, our expenses goes beyond our  income. 

In one side I blame him for that, I try to analyze how he managed our money, but in the other side I realize how ignorant I was when it come to our financial situation. In my mind I think I am working, I earn money, so I have a right to buy what I want and that’s not helping him at all. We went to our trusted friend and open up about our situation, I was crying because this is very hard for me. We got advice and my husband promised to be responsible.  At first I have no faith in him, but he truly work hard and prove himself. He did everything he could to get us out of this situation.

Today we still have debt, but we paid more than half of it. I thank my parents who helped us big time, also our friends who gave us advice, and other friends who pray for us and help us in many ways. God showed us way out and even revealed some of my husband abilities that he never aware of before. Couple things I learn from this situation, to be very careful with credit cards usage, to say “No” to people when we don’t have the budget, and lastly but most important to trust my husband and support him because we’re in this together.


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