good morning…

except for 2 things happen this morning, which are:

1. Edgar throw tantrum when i took one point from his reward because he keep on bugging Yudi who was having his quiet time.

2. My husband was a bit quiet, when i asked him why, he said he feel guilty about a friend who pass away last night. she was really sick and Yudi gave him the healthy food to try. At first she became better, but couple days ago her condition is going down. Yudi thought is because the pil he gave her. I try to comfort him, he said he will go to the funeral house to visit the family.

other than that I must admit this is a good morning for me and i have 10 reasons for that;

1. I was awake by my mother’s soothing voice. It turned out, she came early to give my husband the ticket money. she’s going to Bali at the end of the month, and my husband help to buy the airline ticket for her.

2. I woke up fresh, with no trace of  tired in my body.

3. My kids woke up without struggles. Edgar already woke up when I was up, and Jasmine not long after me.

4. My kids so eager to earn points with the list i made for them. We’ve been using this to-do list couple months ago, but i was failed to print it for them lately. So when I gave it to them this morning, they were so happy.

5. we have time to mingle and talk before we leave, no rush-rush.

6. Evi, my kids nanny for the moment, SMS that she can make it today.

7. My husband remembers to throw out the trash before we leave.

8. Edgar got back his joy when we drop him to school.

9. Normal traffic, I get to work 5 minutes early.

10 Got my cup of tea, and have a little chat with some co-worker before start working.


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