don’t want to quit writing…

Reading someone else writings supposed to make me feel inspired and wanted to write more, but sorry to say most of the time I end up feel like a failure, I could never become a writer. I am hopeless.

I just read some writings of my fellow bloggers Lua Fowles and Maimoona Rahman , and my thought was… man! they are so young but their writing are so good. Where they got all the words and put it in the right place, create a powerful sentence that pierce to my mind. They even express their struggles in such a beautiful way. Where was I when I was that age, why didn’t I take creative writing at school or something. I feel like I can’t never be like them, I feel so behind.

Then I will make some excuses in my head; that English is not my first language, so I can’t write like that, but even in my own Bahasa Indonesia, I still lack of words, hardlyput together a great sentence,  always run out ideas what to say, what to write. I also think that as a mother of 2 kids, I have no time to think those things, but hey… Stephanie Meyers who wrote the Twilight Saga is also a mom, and she can published those great novels.

here i am having a passion for writing, a dream to publish a piece of story if not a book but have so little skill and time. Then again I have told myself to take it easy,  I write cause I like it, so do not compared yourself with others. I have my own style, my unique experience, I just need to expose myself to those great writers, practice, get some inputs, open my mind and keep on writing. For as long as I can get out some of my ideas, express my thoughts, I write, then I am a writer. Right?


4 thoughts on “don’t want to quit writing…

  1. English is not my first language either so when I decided to study creative writing in UK people told me that it’ll be too hard on me because everyone there will be a native speaker… At first I thought they were right but then I said, hey- English may be my second language but I’ll use this to my advantage, try and make this my unique voice that no native speaker can make 🙂
    I’m still working on that but I say that if you have the passion and the dedication then you are a writer. It’s perfectly normal to compare yourself to others, I do it all the time and question your skills but I think all it takes is for your heart to be in it. The rest can be fixed 🙂

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