Re-union \re”yunyan\ n 1: act of reuniting 2: meeting of person who have been separated

Since Facebook comes around, I never seen so many reunion like nowadays. people met one old friends that leads to another, and in no time the reunions take places. Classmates, schoolmates, family, childhood friends, organization, etc.

In October my friend and I will travel to Manado and be in the Big reunion of our high School class 1985. I wasn’t graduate from that school because my father got transfer to other city in the middle of grade 11, but they said whoever was listed from year 1983 till 1985 counts. So I sign up fo it! Couple weeks ago, I met some of them  and for sure most of them are in the bigger size, but also thicker wallet, that show from how many zero they wrote in a paper passed around to collect donation for our “giving back to the alma mater” program.

There is something about meeting old friends that make me exciting. First of all is the curiosity of how they look since the last time we met 25 years ago. Not only look but what are they become, a successful business man, a lovely mother of three, or fun and free single? as for me, what can I brag about? my carrier is ok, I am not a very ambitious person, i work cause I want to do something and help our family financial situation. About the kids, most of theirs are in highschool or College, I heard one has grandkids (wow) and mine is still in the elementary. Maybe the only thing I can show of is my size, is not much of a different from back then.

Couple months ago I’ve been to my college reunion in Bandung. Although not everybody attend, due to various circumstance including there is no connection and some have passed away, there are about 100 friends came. It’s so funny to see the older version of us try to act like quarter century ago. Singing those silly songs, and some guys try to bring back the memories with the old sweetheart even though just for fun since they’re in marital status. I guessed the history together does impact our feelings for each others.

That is also the reason why my husband hesitate to let me go, because I’ll be meeting my ex boyfriend. In fact couple months ago we’ve been calling and SMSing each other. Although he is a humorous guy and a good writer as well, but I am sold out for my husband right now. I just hope to have some fun there, meeting my old friends,  building networking for future reference, visiting the place I used to live for 5 years, visiting some relatives who lives there, and attending the service of GKDI in Manado.

Can’t wait for the 10-10-10!


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