it turned out is a lesson for myself…

We try to have a regular devotional with our kids. Last week-end my husband and I try to teach them about respect  one another. I made a short lesson using the story of Moses and his sister Miriam from the book of Exodus and Numbers in the Bible. Moses was born in a very dangerous time in Egypt and how his sister Miriam out of her love for him try to saved him from being killed. But later on in life when Moses became the Leader of Israel, Miriam opposed his leadership, and God was upset to her and she got leprosy. Now it’s Moses turn to help his sister. After we read the story together and discuss about Moses and Miriam relationship. I want my son to respect her older sister, and so does Jasmine respect her brother.  So I asked my kids how they feel about each other. My daughter said that she love her brother but sometimes she hates him for bugging her, especially when they’re about to take a nap. Do you know what ‘s my son said; when he saw her sister become quite and closed her eyes, he was worried she will died, so he try to wake her up. My husband and I look at each other smiled, it’s sound funny, but I though where did he got that idea. In fact he really care for her sister but he express it in a way that bother her. In the reverse, My son said that he also loves his sisters and sometimes “a little bit worry” (that exactly what he said)  when she comes home late from school, but he hate when she lectured him, I suddenly think of myself, O No! I often lectured my husband about something, i didn’t realize my kids has been learned a lot from me. So as much as I want to teach my kids about respecting others, I myself have to watch myself so that I can be a great example, because action is louder than words.

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