happy birthday mom…


Today, September 22,(I wrote this a week ago but had trouble to upload it) is my mother’s birthday. What can I give to this lovely woman whose been loving me and taking care of me since 1966? I thank God for letting me have a mother till this age. Every single minute become so essential for me to shows my gratitude, respect and love for her. I admit that for many years I have not done that, and I don’t want to waste more time.

When I was a child I felt sorry for my mom, she seem to have a collection of sad stories in her life. First she didn’t graduate from high school because she had to help her mother who was a dressmaker to take care of her siblings and the house. She also lost her older brother whom she loves dearly in the young age. Then when she left her hometown and moved to the Capital, she stayed with a relative who treated her like a maid. With a determination she got accepted in a Bank after took some course in English and Typing. But again after few years of working she had to leave her carrier and followed my dad moved to other place and be a full time house wife.

When I was a teenager, I felt like my mom is my # 1 enemy. I hate her for always told me to do this and that or to wear this and not that. I was irritated when she told me “Don’t bring shame to your family” to warned me from doing bad things. I became rebellious toward her and recalled one day saying to her “I would never become a mom like you”. I felt like she was only concern about my sisters and brothers, and never really pay attention to me as her eldest. I was so mean to her, I realized now that it was not easy for her to take care of 6 children, plus all the cousins and adopted kids who were stay with us. I would never survive in her position.

Now after I have my own family, my mother becomes a dear tutor and friend to me. I grow to understand that raising up kids, handling the money, taking care the house, maintaining the relationship with your spouse is not as easy as I thought. I was ashamed with my bad thoughts, words and attitude toward her in the past, because God shows me how much she loved & blessed my mom for all the sacrifice, teaching and hard work she has done. I, who thought my self was so smart again must admit that I need to learn so many things from her, cooking, gardening, saving, investing, loving even forgiving.

I love spending time with mammy. Sometimes I came to the house to do some cleaning, or help her arranged her photos collection or just to drink her handmade tea which is somehow so special, but my favorite time is when we sit down in her porch and talks about life, news about our relatives and about God. It’s the time I will always treasure in my life, as I see this simple woman revealed some wisdom she gathered from her sad and happy moments. I wish I still have many years of these.

Happy Birthday Mom! 

I made you a Lychee Pudding last night

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