Did I tell you that we have a new member in our family? Her name is Beyonce. she’s a Min Pin.

For a long time, I, who grew up in the family who always have dogs, wanted to have one for myself, but I always  debate that there will be too much trouble about it. The kids are too young and my sisters, who are my neighbour, don’t really keen for animal. We once have a cat and named him Zero. My son got it from a market when we went  shopping.  Edgar always have a passion for animal, that’s the second time he brought home a cat.  One day for some reason my brother-in-law throw the cat over the fence.  I took my kids in the twilight to look for him and found him in the road in the back of our house. After that he keep on ran away but we always found him even when someone had brought him to their house. The  last time he ran, we still try to look for him but couldn’t find him, so we gave up. My son then try to have an ants farm, but the ants keep on dying on him. 

Anyway back to Beyonce. She’s a present for my son 7th birthday. Many friends have adopted dogs, and the wanting for a pet increased.  Couple months ago my husband said that we will have a dog, he showed us a picture of a baby Min Pin, and we all fall in love to her right away. When she was about 2 months we went to visit her, I remember she was shaking when my son hold her. Then on Sunday September 12, right on my son’s birthday, we picked her up. It’s so funny because Edgar acted like a mom when it comes to his dog needs. She made sure Beyonce is drinking or having the vitamin. During the first week, she was crying every nights because we didn’t allow her to sleep with the kids. At first it’s kind of annoying,  it’s like having a baby all over again. But now she’s get used to sleep alone, she’s not crying anymore.

In fact having a dog is not as hard as I though, since she stay in a cage, she is pee and poop in there. My son’s duty is to clean after her every morning and noon after school. If he was too tired, I asked my maid to help (By the way we found a maid as well). Horey for that! She (i mean the dog, not the maid) eat 2 times a day. Last week-end she had diarrhea. I was a bit worry but the breeder really help to tell us what to do. Now she’s fine.  I bathe her every 3 days, when she get really stink, and let her play around the house when we’re not too busy. She’s a very aggressive dog, jumping and running all the time, try to bite on clothes or things that she found. I try to train him to sit and do other things, but not consistently. Now every time I call home, naturally I will ask my son or maid “how’s beyonce doing”. She’s truly has become the member of our family.

Now I am thinking of having another dog. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “beyonce…

  1. novaaa… like the blog. Aku mau nawarin anjingku, mau gaaa?? cewek, jenisnya ga jelas, pendek, putih, bulunya agak panjang. aku kirim ke kamu deh fotonya klo kmu interest… tks. aku punya 2, mau kasih org 1 ekor krn ga keurus lagi.

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