Best Friends…

I am in the middle of reading a book called “Best Friend” wrote by Jacqueline Wilson. This book is so funny, and touching as well, I like the author writing style, simple and honest. It talks about a friendship between Gemma and Alice, who were friends since they were babies. In fact they were born on the same day at the same hospital. They went to the same school and spend a lot of time together. Even though they characters are so different, Gemma is kind of messy, active, and funny but Alice is a calm, sensitive and tidy. Their friendship was put to the test when Alice have to move to Scotland with her family. I have not finish it, but I will soon, cause it’s hard to put the book down.

As I read this book I started to think about people whom I considered my best friend. The order is not important, they all mean a lot for me.

1. Pur. We just got to know each other better this past 2 years, but I just feel so comfortable talking to her. I feel like she’s my partner whom I can share my struggles, my happiness, and it’s great working together with her and her husband. I really appreciate their service in Kids Kingdom, and it’s a joy to see them still giving in Depok. I still expecting them to fulfill their promised to sleep over our house though.

2. Elly, a friend at work. We became closed not only because we’re going home together almost every working day, but also because she’s so open to me about her life. She always said I remind her of her sister, and I just like to be around her, she’s always exciting about works and full of life. So funny because we both like Green!

3. Naomas is a friend from Church. We knew each other from our single years. And after we got married and have kids we still in each other life. Our daughters Lala and Jasmine are best friends. She is a hard-working woman and always  like helping other people. I love to visit their one room house in Pasar Minggu, and just to be able to spend time with her.

4. Anti. An old friend from Junior and senior High. Our friendship last for about 30 years now. Our father used to work for the same company, that’s why we always keep in touch. I remember stay over her house in Surabaya, and she came to visit me in Bandung. I can’t wait to spend times with her as we’re going for our Highschool reunion in Manado this weekend.

5. Cynthia. A mom of 2 Son and a daughter. She used to be very quiet and remorse. But now I learn so much from her because her wisdom comes from the Word of God. She and her husband Rebi always care for our family, they always bring us something from their trip out-of-town. I thank God for having them in my life, she’s not only a friend but also a mentor for me.

6. Shella. We got close when I studied the Bible with her. Became a mother of 3 kids in the young age and haven’t finish highschool is not an easy thing for her. But I just appreciate her faith in God. She went through trouble so many times, but keep on trusting in God. She used to call me to the office and call me “miss” like my co-worker. I miss talking to her.

7. Vicka. a colleague at work. Maybe cause we both Ambonesse, she live close by to my mom’s house in BCI, and  a couple adventure in Fatmawati Street (first walking many kilometers with Lydia that night due to traffic jam, and second when her car broke down and end up with someone tow the car home), made me feel close to her. I love her kids, we went swimming once, and her husband and I share the same passion, photography!

8. Lily. I met her just before she got married in 1996. Get to know her when she was a newly wed. And for some years we were separated, she was having kids in Tangerang, and I was getting married in East and lived in West Jakarta.  In 2003 we’re back together when I moved to the South on my 2nd pregnancy. Even though we’re not click automatically, but through the years as I get to know her and her husband better, she become so dear to me. In one point our kids went to the same school and my son adore her sons. When I need a hair cut like this point of time, I will go to her. She’s quite good!

9. Yossy, a grandma of 2 but doesn’t look like one. I knew Yossy about 7 years now and  witness from the time she came alone to church till now almost the whole family is here. I really admire how she fight and pray for her family to be unity and to come to know God. One thing about Yossy is; she’s a small lady with a beautiful voice and heart. Miss the spending time with her lately.

10. Lenda, Although we once went for a family trip to Bandung, but we’re never too closed. Just recently I realized, she’s a simple but impactful woman of God. She and her husband help a group of marriage in Bekasi, and turned it upside down to become a vibrant and fired up group. I learn so much from her heart when my family stay over their house before they moved to Jambi couple weeks ago. And regret why didn’t I notice her strenght earlier. Still I am glad we’ve become friends.

11. Ulani, a friend from college. We met each other during the student’s orientation, and be friend ever since. I think we are twin but born in a different family,  She came from a family with Sundanese mother and Chinese father. We have the same birth date, only she’s light and I am dark. She got married right after we graduate from FIKOM UNPAD. and now her oldest son is in UI. She’s so smart and pursuit carrier in teaching. I always admire her!

The list can go on and on…..Friendship is so precious, I love friendship…..share yours with me!


3 thoughts on “Best Friends…

  1. For me nova was a very inspiring me, full of talent, a lot of things I want to copy what he has done. It was her husband Yudi was very lucky to get a wife like her, rarely encountered people like Nova in this world, very smart, beautiful, interesting and creative.
    For me nova can also be a good friend, caring and humble. Unfortunately now is not a group anymore. But I am still grateful he was still in one kingdom in GKDI.
    I hope to grandmothers can still be best friends, until have children and grandchildren.
    Very grateful to be disciples of Jesus in the kingdom, as it will not run out of a best friend …. I am very grateful to God.
    I love you nova, you are one of my best friends. GBU too.

  2. O….thank you Lily. I mean to encourage you, but you end up make me “berbunga-bunga”. I really appreciate our friendship this past few years. I always admired your hardwork both inside and outside the house. I also amazed how much talent you have; cooking, sewing, hair cutting, even painting. You truly the best mom someone could ever have. Even though now we’re not in the same group, but I bet it’s God’s way to shape you to be mature. I was so happy and humble at the same time to hear you share how you as a group help that one couple, that shows how much you and Ben has been grow in love and leadership. I wish us to grow old together, still fired up for God as “oma-oma”. Btw. Why don’t you make a blog so we can share our writings. I know you love writing too.

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