what i love and hate about my wedding…

What i hate don’t really like were……….

1. The song for my entrance in the church was different from the one I was plan. (the one I was talking about yesterday)

2. Not all of my bride’s maid were my best friend. (there was special arrangement with my in-law)

3. The Pastor read the scripture from the Bible and replace the characters with our names. (i found this irritating, sorry!)

4. Didn’t get a change to take picture in front of the church after the ceremony. (no..comment!)

5. The make up artist retouch my make up but it make me look “too much” (menor…banget!)

6. The wedding cake was too tall till it reached the ceiling of the building. (or maybe the ceiling was too low?)

7. My husband sang me our song “how Do I live without you”, but the note was too high that he squeaked in one part of the song. (anyway, thanks for trying hon!)

8. The music was just a man play an organ. (the worse thing was toward the end the organ is broken)

9. The decoration was old fashion, with plastic flower. (blaaah)

10. Why did my family wear black on my wedding? (they didn’t confirm with me…)

what i love were…………..

1. Yudi was on time when come to pick me up. (where that “on time” go right now? ha…ha…ha)

2. My make up for the church was really nice. (Queen for a day)

3. My mom and dad sang with their choir for me. (they always give.. and give)

4. He dared to kiss me on the lips. (I was flying…..)

5. My hand bouquet and the decoration in the church were using my favorite flower. (I luv Sunflower)

6. My best friend Abby came all the way from the US to attended my wedding. (the best present!)

7. My brother Pierre sang a song he wrote special for me. (thanks bro!)

8. People said the food were great. (I didn’t get a chance to eat)

9. I got to dance “poco-poco” with the group.. (balenggang pata-pata, ngana pe goyang pica-pica…)

10. The first night was in the Borubudur Hotel, a compliment from Om Agus, my dad’s best friend (what a night!)

If you have a “perfect” wedding, lucky you, but if you don’t, just focus on the bright side!


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