Amazing Manado…

Tabea! (Greetings)

Last week from Friday October 8 to Tuesday October 12, I went to Manado for my Highschool Reunion. I had such a great time, even now i am still smiling when  think about it. There are few things that I like about Manado;

The Culinary : I love Manado food and for 4 days whether in the restaurant or somebody’s house, they just spoil me with the spicy but addicted taste. I got to eat Tinutuan (Vegetable Porridge) on my first morning there, even the Hotel serve this for breakfast. I ate Es Kacang Merah (Red bean ice) & Nasi Kuning  (Yellow Rice with fish/meat) at my friend’s Amy restaurant. Es kelapa Muda Gula  Merah (Coconut ice mix with brown sugar) was serve on the last lunch we had at bamboden, and 3 boxes of Biapong (bread with pork meat inside) were given by a friend before I left. I bought kukis gelang (bracelet cookie) on Tinoor when we stop for a tea. Then of course all kind of fishes (Cakalang, Nike, Bomboya, Bobara, Gopara, roa) both from the sea and the lake are daily menu in Manado.

 The Language: Since I spent 5 years in this city when I was teenager, I speak the dialect with my family at home. Ngana (you) and kita (me) are personal pronoun  i use daily, but when I was there, so many words I almost forgot came back to me. And these words are; bobira (zit), koncudu (stingy), dodoku (bridge), batona (dating), maitua/paitua (spouse), tasono (sleep), tapalici (slip), taru kira (pay attention), ganu (angry), karlota (talk alot), koleto (pinch), batobo (swimming), totofore (shaking), tapalaka (fall), bapontar (going places), valinggir (kite), pasiar (traveling), kalakuang (act), baku dapa (meet), etc, maybe sounds funny but familiar to me.

The People: Manadonese are fun to be with. They socialize alot, and appreciate friendship. I got a chance on my last day to visit some  relatives ( Ma Tine, Ilep, Sita, Kak Anis, Kak Milka, Alom, Jane) who lived there. Even though I tend to forgot people and their names, but I am glad to see most of my highschool friends especially those from IPA 2 class; Adel Thomas, Else Monginside, Christy Manarisip, Laura Telew,  Meitha Togas, Meiske Roring, Yati Drakel, Franky Kuhu, Edwell  Sembiring, Olivia Suawa, Henry Pajoh, James Sege, Meike Laloan, Adjih H. Jan, Arthur Pinaria, Ronald Rachman, Sony Saroinsong.

The Places: There are quite many develepment in the city, but I still remember most of the places I used to be. I got a chance to visit Tondano’s Lake, which situated on the highland, we passed Winagun, Pineleng, Tinoor, Kinilow, Tomohon and Tondano itself. My friend brough us to the foot of Lokon Mountain, which is stunningly beautiful. We also drove by the sea through Malalayang, Kalasey (I used to have picnic with my family here) and Tateli to get to Sedona Hotel where I stayed. On Saturday the reunion program was held in my old Highschool SMANSA at jalan Siswa, Sario, but i also got a chance to visit my Elementary and Midlle School Eben Haezar at Teling, so does my old house at Tikala, near the big field. My friend took me around Manado to pasar 45, Bumi Beringin, Perkamil, Pakowa, Wanea, Pasar Jengki, Pal Dua, etc.

Manado is truly amazing! Hopefully this is not my last visit, but if it does, I will treasure this always.

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