why do i like my job…?


First of all I like reading, and as a librarian I got full access to all the books here, both fiction and non fiction books. Reading just open up my horizon, and by reading I got to know a little bit of places I never visit, times I never been, and people I never meet. By reading I got to know different author and their writing style, and that inspired me in my writings too

This job is related to what I studied for my Bachelor Degree, which is Library Science. Although back then was not so advance like today, but the principle is just the same. I enjoy the cataloging, finding the Dewey Number, the daily circulation even as simple as plastic wrapping the book.

I love my co-workers. Both the teachers and the admin are people who enjoyable to work with. We greet and smile to each other when we met. Some take the times to listen to you, even though everybody are busy with their works. I enjoy lunch with the admin staff every working day. We had a staff retreat once a year, and outing to refresh and bonding with each other.

I like the environment. The school is laid in the south where it’s greener than other part of the city, its not too big, but not too small. The Library has a big glass window so I have a really nice view toward the playground where the kids play. We have some trees in the yard and the vine plants cover the big fences around the school. 

I am happy to help the kids in their learning process. There is nothing like see a child exciting to study out new things. Some kids love to read in the library and some borrow book everyday. Although I always  need to remind them about the rules, but all in all it’s part of their education.

Apart from that, I also enjoy the events we have through the year; Literacy Week, Christmas Celebration, UN Day, ITC & Science Fair, SLI Cup, Family Fun Day even Graduation. I also got a chance to help in our some of our school productions such ANNIE and JOSEPH as props manager, and lastly i enjoy to be the official school photographer, so I can take picture of all the occassions.

This is my 6th year working in SLI and by June next year I have participated with one batch of students completed their elementary years. I thank God for giving me this job!

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