a place i call home…

it’s a 9 x 12 m” concrete building where I live since 2003,

It’s a building with 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a storeroom and 3 bathrooms.

It’s the address where all the letters and bills for me are sent to,

It’s a place where I’m neighboring with my sisters and their family,

It’s a place I rushed into when having a hard day at work,

It’s a place that protect me from the sun and the rain,

It’s where I invite friends and enjoy to serve them,

It’s where i keep all my belongings,

It’s where i cook my favorite recipe and eat together,

It’s where i feel comfortable to express all my emotions

but what’s really make it a home….

because it’s where all my loved ones are.

So wherever i go, i always miss home.


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