a letter for Mr. Rain…

Dear Mr. Rain,

I am a big fan of yours, I really miss you especially when it’s really hot out there.

In fact I was born in November, one of the months when you often pay a visit.

I love to see your droplets rushing down from the sky like thousand needles,

I love to hear the music from the sound you have created.

I love you for cleaning up the street and everything else outside.

I love the smell of the grass and soil when you just started.

I remember played with my childhood  friends under your pouring.

I remember letting you washed away my tears when I was heartbreak.

You brought so much inspiration to my dry and boring mind.

Dear Mr. Rain, I have notice you visit us a lot through out this year.

Except for the traffic jams and storms, I quite enjoy when you stop by.

Is just when you stay too long, it create so many problems

Yesterday my friend’s house was flooding.

I know it’s not your fault, for you come when you have to.

It’s us who needs to take care of our environment,

so that these calamities will be decrease.

But Mr. Rain, if I can ask you one thing.

Please don’t stay too long…

Thank you for patiently listening.

Love you,


2 thoughts on “a letter for Mr. Rain…

  1. How if there is no rain. Our world will unbalance. The world will dry. Keep writing Hon. I am waiting everyday to read your article.

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