word of the day…(acknowledge/ment)


ac-knowl-edge \ik’nalij, ak\ vb -edged; -edg-ing 1 : admit as true 2 : admit the authority of 3 : express thanks for –ac.knowl.edg.ment n

I come across this word when I read a scripture in the Bible this morning. Hosea 6:6 says “I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burn offering” For sure we as human must acknowledge God, as I find the word in my dictionary acknowledge means to admit that God is true, to admit God’s authority and to thank Him for  everything He has done in my life. It’s just amazing because it says that God value that better than offerings, that means acknowledge/ment is important.

In one way or another most of us if not all have experience being acknowledge, maybe from the school that we went to, or an organization because of our contribution or even from somebody. I guess part of our life need an acknowledgement not only to make us feel good that people remember our good deeds, but maybe because by taking the time to help, to sacrifice, to give our best to others, we feel exist and meaningful.

I just think it will be too arrogant for someone to think or say that his/her success it’s because of his own effort.  In our life we need others, and God do place some people to help us along the way. For me its my parents, who raised me up and give me all the opportunities I could possibly have to grow to a great person I am today, and they still available when I need their help. And it’s my husband who has faith in me that I could keep on growing to be a better person,  then of course my siblings, my kids, relatives, friends, priest, boss, teacher, fellow workers.

I love to read part of the book where the author took the time to thank people who’s been helping him till he can publish the book. Some people maybe helping with the typing, another help with the editing/correcting, giving ideas even someone whose been criticized him/her at the beginning could be include in that acknowledgement page/s. I also notice when people gave a speech during their glorious moment (winning some award or something) they do acknowledge God and people for what they do. Indeed our success is a team work, is by other people helps, and ultimately a grace from above.

Acknowledgement can be a nice printed certificate with ribbon, or a page in a book, a thank you note or even just words from someone. We all need and want it, but it’s better to start give out to others. Then let our characters, words, deeds be the testimony for our life.

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