i miss christmas already…


Christmas is my favorite celebration, I like it even better than my own birthday. There is a certain feeling about christmas that can’t be replace by any other event in the world. When I was a child I associated christmas with the present from Santa Clause, christmas tree decoration, the smell of new painting in the house, and the smell of the cookies that my mom baked, also the rain that often visit us that season. The combination of those things somehow create a good feeling inside of me.

But yet the imagination of perfect christmas is like what I saw in the magazine or movie: with the snow. My dream came true when I was study in Rhode Island. My friend Abby invited me to celebrate Christmas with her family in Pennsylvania, I can’t say “no” to that because that would be my first Christmas in the true American home. I remember we arrived a day before, and when I woke up on Christmas morning, I found many present for me under the Christmas Tree (the real pine tree with the smell too). Then we have a nice dinner, going to the mall which was full of Christmas decoration, I even recall walked by myself around the neighbourhood and play with the snow. That was the coolest  Christmas experience I ever have.

In my big family, we celebrate Christmas by going to church on the Christmas Eve, then go to my parents house to have a gathering. My mom will cook some food, we will have another small service where the children took part in singing, light up the candle, read story of Jesus Birth from the Bible and praying. And then we will exchange gifts and kids got to play fireworks afterward. Then usually my dad started to kick us out of the house, some will protest because they still want to play or talk, but we end up go home and have a nice sleep.

In my house, we start to prepare for Christmas early in December. Take out the Christmas tree (we have 2 artificial  tree, one is white and one is green) and put up one of them. The kids will help me with the decoration. I let them make their own decoration from paper or cardboard to be hang on the tree. I will play the Christmas music every morning, and read the Christmas story at night. Then before the break I will make Christmas Card (which is our family picture) and make some goodies for my co-workers. Usually after Christmas I will invite friends from church to have a gathering at our house and have plenty of food and gifts for their children.

I miss Christmas already and feel happy just think about it.


2 thoughts on “i miss christmas already…

  1. Torang di Manado, bagitu maso tanggal 1 November, rumah-rumah dan pusat pertokoan langsung putar Jingle Bells. Di kampung-kampung, orang mulai ba sadia beking kukis mantega. Biji-biji, kastengels, bages, kacang goyang, so mulai dorang beking. Di brapa rumah, orang mulai kase kaluar depe pohon trang deng depe versiren. Apalagi so maso pertengahan November, jadwal pohon terang so ada samua. So babayang bagimana depe perasaan kalu maso natal,…..makang trussss kukis mantega.
    (Makase if you allow me to used myown language, and I believe you still remember these words)…Merry Christmas not merry christy…..zzzzzsssss
    Christy Manarisip, dari sey dodoku Sario.

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