why i am so thankful about friday…

Just think and listen to the word ‘friday’ already excites me,

because friday means the end of the week days, working days.

I got to wear jeans or less formal outfit to work,

and the student go home early, so we have a relaxing time after they left.

That way I can do works that I can’t do when they are around,

and think about my plans for the weekend.

Sometimes the portal to facebook is open (usually it’s always closed),

so we can have upload some pictures and write comments to others.

Sometimes there are fun events with my co-workers,

like last week we went out for lunch and see movie,

and this week we’re going to visit a friend who just have a new baby.

My husband and i have a group devotional with friends from church,

and we always do pot luck and eat dinner together on Friday.

I am also exciting to see their lovely kids,

‘coz we can do some drawing, coloring and Bible story.

Eventhough i was tired and go home late, very late actually,

i feel happy and thank God for Friday.


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