can’t get these out of my mind…

How do you handle when you really want something so much. Just like fall in love, I keep thinking about it, search for it in the internet, very sensitif when the thing is somewhere near me. Since last week suddenly I am craving of these 2 things. Maybe I shouldn’t say suddenly, because this wanting develop as I see someone use them, a colleague,  friends, or even strangers, then seems like everybody are so into them. The question is do I really need them? No, I still have other things more important in my list, but I was hope by writing this, I can get it out of my head, and maybe one day (hopefully soon) when I have the budget, I can buy these things:

1. Hanalei Crocs

Don’t you think these are cute wedges?This is the kind of shoes I always love because the style is simple, and casual. I went to the mall the other night and saw it, I tried one, it’s light and comfortable. The price is about 350 thousand IDR, but my friend says it more than that. I wish I could get the cheaper one, but I am not sure if that’s original. I am still confuse which color will I choose, most likely Natural Stone or Navy Blue, but the red one also so tempting.

2. Apple iPad.


I was thinking about buying a notebook or netbook, but as I saw some friend of mine using this, I thought why not just buy an iPad? This is a cool gadget. The design is nice, and it smarter than a lap top or a mobile phone. You can play music, watch movie, read books, internet, and many other functions. And I heard that the battery also last for a long time. So I am really considered of buying this stuff. For the price, the cheapest one I saw in the internet is about 4.5 million IDR, it’s depend on GB.

Fellow Blogger! any advice or suggestion about these?

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