why i haven’t posting for couple days?

1. my computer is under maintenance. I don’t know why since last friday afternoon it doing funny things, maybe it got virus or because it’s too full. I keep loading many pictures to it.

2. Is not that I run out ideas, I have some waiting in my draft but I always considered some things before I post a writing. Will it offended some people, is it deep enough? etc

3. Just try to take time to reflects what has been going in my life lately. Is not easy to work full-time, being a mom of 2 kids, involve in the life of others, try to reach my own dream at the same time.

4. I need to focus on my job. The end of semester is approaching, and i need to get some things done. Thank God for this couple of days, I did get some stuff done. feel happy with that.

5. I’ve been reading too! I usually read about 50 books through out the year. This is already December and I haven’t reach 20 yet. That’s why I try to read some more.

if you are my loyal fan and always looking forward for my works, i apologize for this blank spot. Thanks for always supporting me. Any thoughts or ideas, feel free to put it in this bowl.


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