go for the best shot…


I read an interesting story from the Bible this morning. 2 King 13: 10-19. It’s about Jehoash King of Israel. He was reigned in Samaria for 16 years, but he was a bad king. He did evil in the eyes of the Lord. One time Elisha was very sick, Jehoash came to him and they talked. Elisha told him to do some things and he did, at the last task when he told him to strike the ground with the arrows, he did 3 times. Elisha was angry why only 3 times, he expected 5 or 6 times, because that’s the symbol of defeating the Arameans. Three times they will win but will not completely destroy them.

At first I though maybe he didn’t understand what it’s mean, but Elisha has spoken to him that the arrows symbolized the victory over Aram. And He should use it to the max, but he didn’t. Suddenly I remember how much I am alike Jehoash. For example someone took me to a nice restaurant, and give me a change to eat anything I want, for some reason I will go for the cheap one if not the cheapest. Maybe out of politeness, that person has been kind enough to treat me I shouldn’t take advantage out of his/her goodness. 

It looks reasonable and good, but in fact that’s show the real me,  maybe I am just an average kind of person, who’s not dare to go for the best, always tell myself to be content and happy with whatever I have. I didn’t realize this is God who own Heaven and Earth, who is able to give me “more” than I can imagine. He offered me something great, amazing and I with this character of mine take it so light and just go for the good, but not according to what God has plan for me, the best. If I am in the position of God, I will pity me, who just go for the small one when I can have a big one.

So back to Jehoash, he got his chance but took the least, After that Elisha pass away, no more chance, even though he won 3 times, Aram still exist and bug Israel in the future. This is a great lesson for me, not just about food but all the opportunities in life must be taken and use to the max. I believe God is giving me great offers/opportunities in work place, in my small group, at home with the kids, even in my character, I need to take serious the promised of God and claim it to the full, and see how amazing it is.

So next time someone took me to the restaurant and offered me to eat anything I want, I will go for the best! watch out people!

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