simple things that made me happy…

I wrote this in 2002 when I only have my daughter Jasmine, then continued in 2005. I change some before upload this. As I read through, it brought back a great feeling about the good old-time, but also give me a sad feeling because nowadays I become intense and hard to be grateful for the little things like these. I still want to have a good time with my kids even though they are not cute babies anymore and enjoy my relationship with my husband just like those days.

1. See the smile in my daughter face.
2. When my husband cooked me breakfast
3. Listen to the music in the morning
4. Hot shower at night
5. Make friend with someone new
6. When my husband gave me a massage
7. Sing silly songs for my daughter
8. Eat my mother home-made soup
9. Smell my husband perfumed
10. Read and Memorize Psalms
11. Finish a task at work
12. Take pictures of my daughter
13. Translate a conversation for someone
14. Look at the sunset
15. Make cards for people
16. Drive/travel long hours
17. Pray with my husband
18. When someone say I look great/beautiful
19. Get an e-mail from a friend abroad
20. Watch a good movie
21. Drink ice tea or Hot tea
22. See sunflower on the street/florist
23. Read beautiful poem/lines
24. Paint my toenails
25. Breastfeeding my daughter
26. Listen my husband tell funny story even when is not that funny
27. Deliver a speech in Toastmaster
28. Get something good with a cheap price
29. Received SMS from an old friend
30. Look through my old pictures
31. Read a book for my kids before sleep
32. Weekend at my parents house
33. Meet my nephews (Mark, Brian and Sergelen)
34. Received sunflower stuff from friends
35. Kiss my baby feed
36. Sing Christmas songs not on Christmas
37. Share lunch with my co-worker
38. Holding hands with my husband
39. Have breakfast at Dunkin Donuts
40. Remember the old days in Boston with Joe
41. Sing from the book ” Songs of the Kingdom”
42. Take a different route to work
43. Eat Rujak with bunch of friends
44. Find money in my bag when I don’t expect it.
45. When my husband hold me as we sleep
46. Help my parents decorate the Christmas tree
47. Attend a good friend wedding
48. Pray outside/Pray walk
49. When Jasmine call me “Mamma”
50. Think about positive thing to say on someone’s birthday
51. Sit and have a talk with my mom
52. My husband kiss me in public
53. Speak English with native
54. Holiday
55. Have my mother sing on the phone for my baby
56. Cuddle on my bed on the rainy day
57. A bar of chocolate
58. One hour nap
59. A blanket for my sleep
60. Warm hug from sisters or brothers
61. Cut Jasmine’s tiny nails
62. Brush teeth in the morning
63. Have my parents visit me in the office
64. Free ride from friends
65. Study Bible with someone
66. Not come late to a meeting
67. Karaoke
68. See my husband in his blue jeans
69. Dare myself to talk to someone I felt Intimidated
70. Sweet dream
71. Watch a late night show just with my husband
72. Cook spagetti
73. Greenary
74. Making love early in the morning
75. A friend come over to our house
76. Write my prayer in English
77. Remember and SMS someone to wish her happy birthday
78. Burn incense in my bedroom
79. Pick up/drop someone at the airport/train station
80. Wrap christmas present
81. Keep myself from buying something nice but not really needed
82. Clean up the house
83. Someone to take care my baby while I am working
84. Eat healthy food
85. Some money from my brother David just when I need it.
86. Play guessing games in the car 
87. Read my English Bible
88. Saturday
89. Clap hands with Jasmine
90. Looking at my wedding keepsake book
91. Play with someone else baby
92. Deep conversation
93. Adventure with my kids 
94. Being married
95. When my husband send me romantic SMS
96. Doing some art work
97. Visit an old place
98. Get together with my husband family on Chinese New Year
99. Having my husband drop me off and pick me up from work
100. Write a list like this

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