i miss D…

– During the reading program D read a book about Geography and share some stores with his seatmate.
– D tied his shoelaces 8-10 times during the whole school hours.
– D humming and singing tunes that I recognized from a western rock group (Linkin’ Park). He said he loved Rock Music.
– D worked hard for his math and got the first page right, but having a hard time to concentrate for the 2nd page.
– D had a hard time to write the instruction or information fast, need to always remind him to keep writing.
– D was having hard time working in a group. His friends always think he’s weird and call him names, tell him to shut up and kicking his leg under the table.
– He can answer when the teacher ask him question, and give his opinion.
– He played with his mechanical pencil until all broke and can’t be use anymore.
– Always make noises. The teacher Mr. R called it a “war” but I think it’s like the sound of driving a car and crashing.

– D Drew a telescope for the England project. The drawing is ok but the handwriting was poor.
– Mr. R choose him to be a narrator. He did good, but then he started to make noises again, so Mr. R found somebody else to do it.
– D’s voice is great. He has a great projection and clear when reading. And he can carry a tune when singing.
– Today he talk about his family a little bit. He has older and younger brother, about trip to the US  also about his dog. His favorite food is pizza.
– He didn’t bring color pencil so he borrowed from Mr. R.
– Still make noises like war several times. Mr. R warned him.
– Still tied his shoelaces many times but not as many as yesterday.
– Read his book while Mr. R give instruction in front of class.
– Write the things he learn about UK. The sentence are scattered,can’t really put his thought in order.

– Only couple times tied his shoelaces, and one time because it was really lose.
– Finish the 2nd page of Math and got the first page right.
– Play his role in the play nicely and exciting
– Continue the England project. Draw the Big Ben, England Flag, England Map and food.
– Always say “I am hungry” “or “this make me hungry” whenever people or himself talked about food.
– Have a hard time to communicate with A, his classmate.
– Spill water from his water bottle to the floor.

– Today D finish his Math problems correctly, and did the word problems as well.
– He had cat fight with A several times during the music class.
– He can’t play instrument, but enjoy the music.
– He said his family will go to Hong Kong for the break and he think he will be very tired because of that.
– He made a cartoon for the science project “The adventure of Perspiration”. The pictures are not super but the story is funny and understandable. He named his character Oxxy.
– Lots of practice for the UN Day. D played Prince Henry for famous people from England and a soldier for Robin Hood.
– He concentrated when perform in the stage.
– He asked my birthday and make a connection between my name and my birthday. He told me his birthday is in August.
– He did word puzzle given by Ms. J correctly. even though when he said he didn’t listen to the story attentively.

D is a child with special need I was helping 5 years ago. Event though he always make noises and hardly get along with his friends, but he was polite to me and accepted me to help him. I remember our first meeting when he was working in group with his friend and suddenly he got angry and tear up the paper they working on. He was good in Math and Science, although he couldn’t concentrate too long in listening to teacher explanation and writing. My time with him only for 6 months but it was a blessing rather than a burden. He graduated from elementary with a better self-control and gain more friends. He was transfer to another school in grade 9. I remember missing him so much during the Christmas break  that year and still misses him sometimes.


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