it’s a wet morning…

It starting to rain, when we just about to leave
So we gather in our living room and say a prayer
Dear God please help the rain to go away
So we won’t be late for school said my daughter
It’s not stop entirely, but not as heavy as earlier.
We all put on our jackets and rain coats.
My husband started the motorcycle and we all climb up.
Is not as easy as being in the car, but it’s alright we can manage
People were rushing to go to work and school
But they can’t go too fast because it’s slippery and jam.
We drop the kids to school first, then I am off to work.
Although I got to my office 15 minutes late.
Somehow my heart is light, I don’t feel bad as the weather.
It’s a good morning although is wet.

…Thank God it’s Friday


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