Yes…exam is over!

I think most of the mothers shared the same feeling with me, although I am not the one who take the exam but I feel like I am, because I am the one who gather all the daily test paper, sat on the table with books and read them to be able to test my kids. I went to sleep late at night and wake up earlier to make sure that my kids are studying. My daughter Jasmine for some reason didn’t have the urgency to study. She treat the exam days just  like any other day. She didn’t have the worry or fear not be able to cover the whole topics in such a short time. And for some reason I am the one who took all that worries for her. A week before exam I talked to her friend Karla, who is going to a different school but also in grade 4. She expressed to me how nervous she was facing the exam, and I know Karla is a smart girl. Well I am not expect Jasmine to get “A”s in all the subject but at least she show some earnestness and meet the school standard. My son Edgar is ok, he will read the book couple times, for him that’s what studying means. I can buy that because he’s in grade one and the lessons are not that hard yet

Honestly I am not a very patient mother. I get frustrated easily when Jasmine didn’t study seriously.  Especially in Math, when she didn’t do the problems carefully and end up with wrong answer. I always hope my husband come home earlier so he can help Jasmine in study, he’s much better in Math and also more patient. Now that the exam is over, I can be more relax, but still a bit worry about the outcomes. Will my daughter’s result good or bad? I think exam is not only testing what my kids have learn at school but also testing my qualities as a mother. And I can’t say I pass this year.  So I guess if I am expect my kids to be a better students, I must also expect myself to be a better mom! Let’s see next term!


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