list of my favorite christmas things…

Cookies: Kastengel. This is made of cheese and since I was little I remember my mom made this every Christmas. Now we hardly made our own Christmas cookies, we can buy them at the store, but my sister Rannu still made them once a while.

Movie: Home Alone Series. I didn’t know since when but now every Christmas the telly stations play this movie. Just love the Christmas atmosphere at the same time the thrilled this boy faced the criminals.

Song: Have yourself a merry little Christmas. I know lots of Christmas song but this one I know by heart, is not too long and simple. I like to sing it with my husband and my kids as a Christmas wish for my family and friends

Christmas Card: Home made or Photos. There was time when I bought the Christmas card from store. But since I was Married I love to make my own card. I remember when Jasmine was a baby I made one with a baby picture, and wrote my first Christmas on the top. I also made fron dry leaves and other creation. but 3 years ago I started to make with my family picture. It’s so exciting to find a new design every year.

Books: Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This is a famous book that made into a movie. I sw the movie before I read the book. But This Christmas I would really like to read the unabridged one. I bought a copy 2 Christmas ago.

Food: any kid of soup and bread. On Christmas morning I always served this for breakfast. I made soup and eat it hot with the bread. I would try this soup-o-soup, I don’t think it’s will be that hard to make.

Decoration: A real Christmas tree & Poinsettia. When I was little we always have a real Christmas tree at home. But now adays people use the artificial one, including my family. I remember when I was in the US we went to buy the real Christmas tree, and just the smell of it make me so happy. I also like Poinsettia, One time after Christmas at our Church, my husband brought back about 20 pots back home. It was from the Church decoration. It just made my Christmas. 

Drink: Eggnog. I never know there is a very delicious drink like this until I went to the US. OMG, I can drink a bottle of this. It’s so delicious. I wonder if they sell it in the supermarket here.


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