Christmas in New York…

One upon a time I celebrate Christmas in New York City.

I came to stay with an Indonesian family.

The husband is a friend of my father.

I become closed to Mona, the wife’s sister

They lived in an apartment in Queens

and it’s a nice neighbourhood by no means

I helped them to set up the Christmas tree,

and put all the decorations I can see.

We went out everyday for sightseeing

we took the subway and do the shopping

though I didn’t get a chance to visit the statue of Liberty

but I went up to the Top of Empire Sky Building,

I called some friends in Providence

just to share some of my experience

I went to a church service near Central Park on Christmas evening

the singing was really something

I saw the big Christmas tree in front of Rockefeller Building

And looking at people enjoy the carriage ride or skating

The weather, the lights, the people and everything…

add a beautiful memories of Christmas to my living.

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