My Resolutions…

After put some times to think and wrestle with my heart, these are my New Year Resolution.

1. Healthy Living! what I mean by that is to watch my diet (lots of veggies and fruit, less preserve food) and increase sport activities (running, biking and swimming).

2. Better Financial Management, is watch out my expenses, keeping record of my shopping expenses, less credit card usage, saving energy at home (gas, water, electricity).

3. Enjoy my Work,  meaning focus on writing, translating and photography. Those are things that I enjoy the most.

4. Focus on the Family. Helping my kids’ development both in academics and characters and support my husband in his work and responsibilities. This is including a better way of communication in the family.

5. Spiritually Alive. I want to be exciting about my daily walk with God. Get a deeper understanding about the Word of God, use it actively and put it into practice.

What is your resolutions my friends?

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