back to work…

I thought this year I won’t have to wake up early, rush to get ready and struggle with the traffic to go to work. I imagine myself still in my night-gown prepared breakfast for my kids and husband and stand by the gate to wave goodbye as they leave to school and work, because I had file in a resignation letter to my work last November. Yes I did resigned from work last year, but here I am still sitting on the same chair, see the same people, and deal with the same thing which is books.

Truly I love this job, I enjoy my working environment, I like my co-workers, but I really need to focus on my kids development. They are the most important people in my life. I bring them into the world, and I am responsible not only to provide their needs, but also give time to help them achieve their best. And by working outside the house, I definitely have missed some things in their live. I want to make it up.

Well, I can’t see myself  just doing the house work all day, cooking, ironing, clean the house, even though I enjoy those things. I am thinking of finding a job that I can work from home. I remember when I quit from my last job after having Edgar, I stay home without a maid, I was doing some translation (books and documents) and as well as all the domestic. I have read some articles about mothers who are struggles about this. Torment between being a full-time mom or stay working. Right now, I will go for part-time. I am still going to work in the morning, and but I will be home by 14.00 and have time with my kids. I think that will do for now. But I pray and wish to find something that best fit my situation. God speed!


2 thoughts on “back to work…

  1. Hehehehe,… pe klaar baca ini tulisan, kita rasa kile, rasa tatawa. Memang susah kua mo berbage waktu voor karja deng waktu voor keluarga. Pertama-tama dapa rasa gampang, depe laaste torang dapa rasa susah. Orang ba pikir “bakarja ley voor mo cari doi voor kinderen” maar orang tua ley nyanda sadar bahwa dorang ley (kinderen) perlu perhatian, kasih sayang dan waktu. Maar bukang berarti kalu orang tua karja nyanda perhatikan itu anak-anak.
    Anak-anak di umur rupa skarang dan hidop di kota basar rupa Jakarta dapa lia dorang perlu skali orang tua deng orang tua musti lia pa dorang. Di
    keadaan bagini orang tua (ngana… hehehe) musti tarukira bae-bae. Sebab anak-anak rupa mutiara yang Tuhan ada kase titip pa torang voor mo kase basar.
    Minta maaf so talalu panjang stou ini komentaren,… depe laaste ” torang perlu doi, maar doi bukang segala-galanya.
    Sukses selalu, kirim hormat voor keluarga
    Note@ I am using my own old language,.. bahasa Manado pasar

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