what is it about karaoke…

I heard about karaoke 20 something years ago, but only recently Igot really into it. Last night I went to one, and this is the 3rd time in a week. Last Thursday, my husband and I went to Inul Vista, It’s one of karaoke place owned by a famous dangdut singer in Indonesia Inul Daratista. We invited 2 other couples because we wanted to use the free pass we got from the previous visit. I think that’s the way the company attract people to come back by giving out free pass for one hour but we must use the room for at least 2 hours. That means we got to pay for another hour, plus the food we order (for you can’t bring food from outside).
The second time was last Saturday. My husband and I and the kids went to a mall, and they have this Karaoke Box. This is how it works, we got to choose the song(s) from their song list, buy coin(s) then enter a box that fit for 2 adult and 2 kids (if you are not a “big size” family like mine). Slip the coin into the machine with a TV screen on it, and press the button of numbers according to the song code. Then you can sing as loud as you want. I found this very entertaining and my kids love it. We pay Rp. 2,500 (a quarter) per song.
Last night I was with my friends from highschool. Someone invites us for his birthday. First we started with nice dinner, and although some prefer to stay and talk, the majority agree to go for Karaoke. So it is done. We start at 21.30 and finish by midnight. Some got to sings many songs, some satisfied to be the background vocals, and some enjoy the conversation and drink.
Personally I think karaoke is more fun when you are with some companies, although you have to wait for your turn, but you got to see people’s favorite songs and you are welcome to sing along. Even when some people sing off-key, we all will support and give applause. Last year my husband and I took time to celebrate our 10th anniversary just the 2 of us. One of the things we did was Karaoke, We try to sing some songs that we like but after that, we both agree that it’s better when the kids were with us, it’s more fun, first because they know many of the new songs and also coz’ they don’t care about making mistakes, they just sing.
I remember watched the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and I really like the scene when Kimmy, out of love for her fiance sang  the song even though she couldn’t carry a tune. for me, I like to sing, and I can sing, but I am not a very good singer. My voice is thin, I can only sing some song nicely but most of the time it’s too high or too low. That’s why I really admire people who can master singing in a karaoke.
There was an old couple I met couple years ago in my sister-in-law wedding. Man…they can sing any song very nice, You name it: Mandarin, Western, Indonesian, traditional songs, they’ve been winning in many Karaoke Contest. They seems to enjoy life, they look younger than their age, maybe that’s what karaoke did to people. It makes you forget your problem for a little while, you can laugh and express or even fool yourself, get acquaintance, going home with a music in your heart and next time your singing will get better and better.


4 thoughts on “what is it about karaoke…

  1. Yes karaoke ! Kalamaring malam (25/1/2011) torang baku dapa di Ria Rio resto pante Kalasey (baku dekat deng resto yg torang ada makang sama-sama deng Anti-Edy Wibowo). Bagitu baku dapa deng Jemmy Mokolensang, dia langsung cirita, suasana waktu ngoni karaoke di Arcadia juga PS Jakarta. Dia cirita, ngana kata pe suara paling mooy! abis itu Anty kata. (berarti musti latihan trus-trus supaya lebe mooy)
    Samantara kita deng Jemmy bacirita, ta sopu kamari Grace Kandou, Ge langsung baku tambah, “iyo no, Nova pe suara kote sadap mo dengar” hehehe, torang 3 tatawa rame-rame. Maar, ada depe lebe “torang ada ba gara pa Nova” hehehehe,….. “Oh jadi dang, abis puji depe suara, kong ba gara pa Nova dang”,… iyo noo sampe dia kurang tatawa….. hahahaha
    Pokoknya samantara ba makang, torang samua bakusedu, kong baku gara itu kalakuan waktu di SMANSA.
    Torang sekitar 20 orang former SMANSA forever 82-85, samantara makang ada yang manyanyi karna ada live band. Torang makang dari jam 8 pm, sampe 11 pm, abis itu dorang kase trus ley di karaoke. Kita so nyanda iko komang. Maar so baku aspraak, mo baku dapa voor karaoke sama-sama. Ternyata kote karaoke beking asyik !
    Sampe baku dapa ulang !
    Christy Manarisip, IPA2
    My own language Manado Pasar.

  2. So you have heard the story (in my opinion, Anti and Lana is the Best Female Vocalist and for Male is Rolly and Jacqueline’s husband) and lagu wajib is still Balada Pelaut…Btw did they tell you about plan for another reunion this year? I am in the committee as Treasury (together with Anti) But to tell you the true, I am not sure wether I could make it to Manado.

    • Hehehehe,….. yes already heboooh. Torang so tau no. On schedule tanggal 11 bulan 11 taon 2000 11. Siang tadi mulai jam 12 sampe jam 5 sore, torang ada syukuran kenaikan pangkat James Sege (the policeman) jadi AKBP. Acara pa depe rumah di hotel Mutiara Wisata pante Malalayang.
      Depe acara dipimpin oleh Rev. dr. Ramly Dali, Sp BP. Ramly told his true story. Kita butul terkesan apalagi torang samua tau, his background. Ramly share deng totang dp pengalaman hidop.
      Klaar sharing, torang lunch sea food. Fried fish dorang serve sepanjang jam. Mulai jam 12 sampe jam 5 sore, ikan dorang teru di atas meja. Bagitu abis, langsung bakar yang baru. Pokoknya makanan sehat. Ada ubi manis, pisang goroho goreng yang dorang so slice, dabu-dabu, gohu, sayor pait.
      Samantara makang, baku ganti torang manyanyi. Ada yang pasang suami-istri, Tony-Elsje, Sonny Saroinsong-Meike Laloan, Meppy Manuhutu-istri, James Sege-istri,…. but also single vocalist.
      Lagu mulai dari nostalgia, sampe lagu Manado… kong Tony-Elsje badansa…. hahahaha,… amper somo chacha..
      Torang so sepakat,… pokoknya kalu teman syukuran,… biar sederhana makan ubi, pisang maar musti bakudapa, bacirita, manyanyi kong tatawa tore-tore…
      James pe tampa pas di pinggir pante, jadi beking sabua kacili maar bersih kong pasang keyboard, speaker kong torang beking rame.
      Dapa rasa itu 26 taon lalu rupa baru kalamaring. Samua masih sehat, kong nyanda banyak perubahan itu muka. biar anak-anak so basar bahkan so ada cucu, maar tetap awet…. tetap lengket kata…. mungkin pake lem Castol stou kang?
      Anyway,… thanks I take your time,… so malang kong so manganto ley.
      Sukses deng salam jo voor keluarga.

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