It’s all for you but you’re not here…

I started to decorate the house in valentine’s mode on the week before the big day. Pink and related color are everywhere. Anything in that color will be put in the display. I get the kids to help me make some ornaments to hang by the door, Other than that I took out my candle collection and put them in every table in the living and dining room. I am ready for the day.

At first we planned to go to a mal with the kids just like last year but then I made up my mind, I wanted to have a time alone with my husband at home. He came from work at about 7 pm, I asked him to drop the kids to my parents house since the next day is a holiday, they wanted to sleep over at their opa and oma place. Meanwhile I lit up all the candles and watch the TV program related to Valentine. Still waiting…I took the camera and started to take some pictures around the house. I am excited playing with the light and get some nice shots. By the tine he came home he was too tired. He try to stay up and watch movie with me but I can tell he was so tired and sleepy, so I told him to go to bed.

There I was by myself a bit dissapointed. I took the heart-shape-cake my mom baked for me out of the fridge, and decorated it with fresh strawberry on the top. And instead of feeling sorry for my plan has ruin, I took a piece of paper from my sunflower collection, and write a love letter which I haven’t done for a long time for my husband.

The next morning when I woke up, he prepared fruits and drink for me. We sat down at the table and have breakfast while watching a video about photography, something we both enjoy, for that day we will work together for a prewedding photo session of a couple. Things may not go according to what I wanted, but after 10 years of marriage I learn to accept the flaws in my marriage and not make a big deal of it. Just enjoy the moment together.


2 thoughts on “It’s all for you but you’re not here…

  1. Tidak mudah buat aku menjalani malam itu. Aku berharap bisa menjadi sahabat dan kekasih yang lebih baik lagi.

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