the leakage, the flood, and the mess.

Never thought I will experience the flood in my house, but yes it happened to us last week. It’s Wednesday on the way back from work, the rain was pouring in our area. When I got home, I found my kids were wet and their bedroom floor was cover with water (my son was having fun splashing the water). I unlock my bedroom door and found that there were leakages all over my room. My bed was soaking wet and the floor also full of water. My kids helped to sweep out the water but even though the rain has stop the water still pouring inside. I took out anything I can carry to the living room but not until my husband got home at about 8 pm and help to moved the heavy stuff. So from 3 to 7 pm we keep on working with the water, in one point my son said “I give up, I am so tired”, and go play with my nephew but my daughter gave me a hand with many things. That night 3 of us sleep on the “L” shape sofa and my husband was on the floor.

The next day my husband took a day off to do the cleaning and drying, then on Friday I take a leave from work to continue the work. Our front yard look like a refugee camp and the inside were even worse. I was sitting in my living room and thinking just couple days ago my house was so nicely decorated and now is a mess. Thank God it was sunny (I specifically prayed about it). The works seem to be endless but I am glad because my mom and sister came over to help folded all the dry clothes and some friends of mine also came to help with the ironing. The kids room is back to normal so we all sleep there for now, while waiting for my spring bed to dry completely.

It turned out that the water drainage was cover by stuff since our neighbour is building their house and didn’t make sure they clean up the trash, that’s why the water spill into my room. Feel frustated… especially since we don’t have a maid at this moment, but try to keep my head of the water and be positive. The good thing from this experience is, I got to clean up my room and sort out the things that I don’t really need. I also learn to be patient even though normally I can’t stand the mess in the house.


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