another direction…

This morning my beloved husband put me in the hot seat. As he drived me to work, after we drop off the kids to school, I was busy updated my Facebook’s status, suddenly he said he want to talk. I know that was going to be tough, because since he came back from the training or seminar yesterday night, he seems to have a new vision for his life. He talked about changing career with all the reasons. In fact is not really changing, he’s been doing it for a while, is just as a side job with at least 4 other jobs. As wife I to try listen and understand his points and somehow I think this is the “moment” of his life. He got to make this decision, so that he will focus to do what he like and reach his dream, but that also means changing in our family life and that’s not easy for me.

I have talked about changing last year, as I myself thinking about changing my career. And again is so happen that yesterday I was reading about Sarah in 1 Peter 3:5-6 (maybe God is preparing me for this). Just like them we’re about to take a journey of our live and I know is not easy for my husband to go through this. What he need right now from me as wife is to support him even though in some parts I don’t feel comfortable. I wrote an sms to him “part of me wanted to support your decision just like Sarah submit to Abraham and put her hope in God, but part of me scared for the journey seems to be long, tiresome and uncertain. But I guess is better to go and grab the promises rather than stay and be status quo. And as long as we are together, we will prevail“. I have seen him work very hard for our family, being responsible in many ways, and although this is like taking a risk, I believed God will blessed him and us as family.


One thought on “another direction…

  1. Thanks hon for your support. It means a lot for me. I hope this direction not just for my own sake but us. I try to get out from my comfort zone and optimize my potential. Please pray for me to do all of things with the right heart and motivation.

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