learn from another writer…(4)

Title: Lily B on the brink of cool
Author: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Publisher: Puffin

Lily write this as a diary for her summer project for Advanced English. Another reason was; she wanted this writing to record the true of her life for the benefit of future scholars. She thought her life is boring and she blame her parents for that. But that summer she face something bizarre that change her perspective toward her life, family and friendship. I think this book is helping parents to understand what is going through in their teenager kids’ mind, and I love it because is quite funny. Some of the lines I hope came from my brain:

My life lacks excitements. It’s worse than that, actually. My life lacks action. Conflict. Drama. My life lacks anything of substance…. The rich and varied scope of human experience has passed me by. I am a unintresting person. I lack the raw materials necessary to produce a great novel. (Page 1)

This is very strange. The Cool People are sitting down at an empty table. Have they lost their senses? Don’t they realize they could be CONTAMINATED by the lethal level of middle-American averageness flooding the room? They don’t even look real. They’re way too perfect for that. the woman is wearing this amazing creation…let me tell you, she look like she just tumble out of vogue. And the man is trim and really handsome – he’s wearing black on black. You know, black tie, black shirt, black suit. Now there is your sophisticated but understated look for the new age. There’s a guy who commands RESPECT. And the girl. I don’t even know what to say. I am struck dumb by my own inadequacy in comparison… She’s got perfect posture, and flawless make-up, and I’ll bet all the champagne from my future National Book Award dinner that’s Donna Karan dress she’s wearing. This girl makes the entire world look frumpy! Do people like this actually exist? or did they just wander off a movie set? (page 22)

And then, F.B.s, my mother told me I should not have sat with the LeBlancs. She said they were ‘not the right people’ for me. Not the right people, F.B.s? For me? Is it not enough that my parents keep me from everything interesting, loud, frosted or exceeding miles per hour? Is it not enough that my home life has the ability to bore a person senseless? Is it not enough that I am effectively being kept from any and all experiences that I might possibly draw upon in the creation of my first novel? Are all these things not enough? Or must I also be told that the only interesting and different people I have met for weeks, for months, FOR YEARS, are NOT THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR ME? I am going to take a nap. (Page 35-36)

Karma Said there was no sense spending money on a great outfit and then neglecting shoes and accessories. Pointy slingback sandals, dangly silver earrings, an anklet and a wrist cuff. It was a new me!… Oh, F.B.s, it was the best day, best day. It was like Karma reinvented me. I have never felt so hip before. When it was time to go, I rushed home and hid my clothes under the bed. At the appropriate time I’ll sneak the items into my daily wardrobe. Maybe my mother won’t notice. And really, $367 isn’t all that much, right? (Page 60)

An afterthought: Should I stop writing everything down? Who do I think I am, Harriet the Spy? What makes me so great that F.B.s should even be spending their time researching me? F.B.s, I suggest you switch your field of research to the environment, and use this notebook that I am now ONLY keeping to get the credit for an Advanced English summer project to learn more about the LeBlancs’ extraordinary work on behalf of our planet. I guess as long as I put stuff about the LeBlancs in here, It’s not a complete waste case. As soon as the summer is over and I hand in my work, no more notebook writing. Write less, DO more! (page 83)

My mother is having a small fit. Apparently, she just got a thank-you note from Delia for the wedding gift. The note very politely thanked Lenny and Phyllis for the lovely bird feeder.roblem is, Lenny and Phyllis didn’t send Delia a bird feeder. they sent her a very expensive, one-of-a-kind, hand blown glass pitcher that they bought in Mexico…Since the pitcher didn’t come in a box, Phyllis wrapped it in a bubble wrap and put it inside and old box from a bird feeder. I can imagine what happened. Delia ripped the wrapping paper off, saw what appeared to be a bird feeder, and tossed the box on to the “yard sale” pile without looking inside it. The exquisite hand-blown one-of-a-kind pitcher is now destined to languish anonymously until some puzzled, yard-sale-attending bird lover opens the box and wonders what on earth he just paid fifty cents for. (Page 103)

Still Writing. Still Thinking. out the grape juice. And Charlotte. How do you know if a person is the right friend for you? Does it have to be Karma or Charlotte? Is it not allowed to be both? Charlotte and I learn to crawl together. We did potty training as a team. karma is cool, and Charlotte is not. Karma is beautiful and different, and Charlotte is…Charlotte. can I not have them both? Do I have to erase Charlotte’s friendship because of the new me? (Page 124)

I, Lily Blennerhassett, retract all comments both oral and written made with regard to the level of damage incurred to the Blennerhassett lake house. I take it all back. Having personally cleaned most of the house, I can now say it was much, much worse than it looked. (Page 139)

Everyone in the restaurant is looking at me, and I’m glad. Glad to be there, glad to have my parents and best friend at my table, glad that this is my family. My life. I blow the candles out and make my wish. and if readers other than my Future biographers are reading this story in a beautifully bound hardcover or paperback edition published by a major and highly respected New York Publishing company, then my wish came true. (Page 183)


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