a sweet surprise…

my daughter jasmine told me couple weeks ago…”mom, it turn out I like to read”. Me as mom love to hear that, because I like reading and I’ve been trying to pass it to my kids. When they were small I always try my best to read for them before bed times. Even now when I have the time, but instead of story books, I try to read some entry from the children encyclopedia I bought couple years ago, topics that they like of course. Now that she’s in grade 4, Jasmine can read on her own, she always make the time to read before sleep. I knew this from the books I found on her bed, while kiss her good night. When I brought home some books from work, and she was so happy and enjoy them.

Yesterday she asked me if she can borrow my mobile phone. I asked who do you want to call?, she said “I want to call Papa, because I want to plan something with him”. I told her just send a sms because I have no pulsa for calling. She agree but asked me not to check her sms, because it’s a secret. I promised. When Jasmine was asleep, my husband called me and asked if I have read this book or that book. He’s in a bookstore. I asked why bother? He told me that my lovely daughter asked him to buy me a good english novel. Isn’t that sweet?

Well, I told my husband not to rush, take time to search for a good book, maybe a book about a mom and daughter or about a girl adventure. I guess jasmine wants me to always have stock of stories to tell her. Usually when we took the kids to school, on our way I will tell them a story from the book I recently read. But anyway I really appreciate her effort to give me a surprise, even though my husband sort of reveale it. Now I am planning to give a surprise back to her.

Note after the sweet surpriseThe next day I received a gift, wrap nicely with blue ribbon. I wonder when she did it? and what book she (and my husband) got for me. I open the wrapping paper carefully and Voila…it’s Wuthering Height! Well I like the story…but that’s my own book. It turn out that Jasmine was given a task from one of her class to appreciate mother and to give her something. She told my husband to get a book for me. So after my husband couldn’t get a book from the bookstore, as he came home Jasmine insist that it need to be given that day, so my husband took the “Wuthering Height” from a drawer (I bet he was hoping I don’t remember that book or he might think that’s not my book), then help Jasmine to wrap it. I thank my daughter but I protest… and asked her to tell her father to get me something else instead.


One thought on “a sweet surprise…

  1. Aku semangat sekali mendapat sms Jasmine. Aku merasa dia sayang kamu. Aku bangga dengan Jasmine. Sudah terlihat dia orang yang suka memperhatikan.

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