it’s pajama’s day at work…

This week is the Literacy Week in our school. We have various program such as Book fair, Spelling Bee Competition, Storytelling, Book Cover making, and other things going on. On the storytelling day (which is today), all the elementary students were asked to wear pajama to school. I love to see them walking around in the classroom, playground, canteen and library in their sleeping outfit. Some girls wear 2 pieces pajama (top and bottom) and some wear a long sleeping gown, and mostly came in pink. They look soft and beautiful, reminds me of Wendy from Peter Pan story. The boys have something with the superhero on it and most of them are blue. Some wearing slippers and bring their favorite doll or toys. I was contemplating to bring my pajama and put it on when I got to work, but since everything running late for our family this morning, I drop the idea. It’s not a mandatory for me anyway. I just enjoy taking their pictures

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