my cooking skill history…

Lately, since we don’t have a maid, I need to cook for my family. Somedays I can be all out, find a new recipe (my mother-in-law left tons of recipe before she pass away) and make my family “wow” with the meals I put on the table, but somedays, I just didn’t feel like it so I will fried eggs and let my kids eat with Rice, cucumber and tomatoes. That’s the simplest healthy food for me because it got Karbo, Protein, and some vitamins.

When I was a teenager, I don’t like cooking, I even hate the kitchen. In my mind, kitchen is only for mothers and maid. So I didn’t want to go there. I also remember one of my friend from college who was married at the time, came to class with the smell of food in her long beautiful hair, that make me avoid the kitchen even more. I only go there once awhile when my mother wants me to taste the meals she just cooked, whether is ok or need some more seasoning.

One time I went out with this guy who was a German. One day he invited me to have a dinner at his place. I came and found him cooking. He asked me to cut the onion, and I made a mess instead of helping him. It’s so embarrassing, It’s like my mother never teach me how to cook. Since then I compelled to learn cooking. I learn from him, I learn from my mother, and I got a bit better.

When I studied for my MBA in the US, on the first year I didn’t have to worry about what should I eat, because I live in a dormitory, and the tuition was including room and board. So I just visit the cafeteria at my dormitory or around the campus and I can choose any food I like. And the great thing was since my school was a Culinary School, they always served excellent food. On my second year, I move to an apartment with some friends, so we take turn cooking. And this time is the opportunity to sharpened my cooking skill. I learn some recipes from my friends, but sometimes they let me cook Indonesian food that a bit spice for them. My secret was, I brough some package of seasoning from my country, so it’s kind of easy.

At the beginning of my marriage, I didn’t know how to cook meat, so I got my husband into lots of veggies and fishes and he like it. As time pass, I learn and now I can cook Spaghetti, Soto, Noodle, even Sapo (my newest favorite recipe). I also like to watch the cooking program on TV. The chef are handsome guys, it made cooking look so easy and appealing. I wish I can cook like my mother, she’s good, and because food does make people gather and close to each other.


One thought on “my cooking skill history…

  1. Thanks honey for your effort to learn cooking. I really like the food that you cooked because you made it with your heart.

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