my today’s high and low

my highs….
1. woke up early and didn’t feel going back to sleep
2. Prayed with my husband
3. washed some clothes (since I have soaked them yesterday)
4. have some left over food for breakfast and lunch.
5. the kids were cooperate quite well in getting ready
6. drop the kids to school and kissed them
7. got to work before 7
8. ate breakfast
9. Read my Bible
10. apologize for my wrong doing

my lows….
1. my mobile is off
2. missing the phone charger
3. feel bad because say something i am not supposed to say.
4. forgot my body lotion at home
5. a bit pain on my lower right back maybe from drink less yesterday
6. feel bad my husband did something without discuss with me first
7. think about my sister’s problem
8. keep think about #3.
9. wanting to talk to someone, but the person is not available now
10. messy working space

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