After awhile I was reminding of how good it felt to be forgiving. I think God is teaching me a lesson here, because I’ve been taking forgiveness for granted. Even though I am not a person who are easily angry and keep hurt feelings to other people, but to my own family I’m not so easy to forgive. I don’t remember when was the last time I say “I forgive you” to my husband and children. When they made mistakes and I was angry, they apologize, but I usually keep silent or go on preaching them.

Recently I made a mistake, a terrible one, because I shared someone’s hurt feeling to another friend. I didn’t mean to gossiping, it just slip out like that when she say something related. The next day I went to that person and admited my mistakes. Her reaction was sudden and strong, just like the Tsunami in Japan recently. I instantly apologize, but she was silent and I know that I really hurt her feeling.

I was feeling guilty and in my heart and mind I keep on blaming myself. I tax her a message saying “Sorry for ruin your day, Sorry for hurt your feeling, Sorry for betrayed your trust, and sorry for open my mouth when I shouldn’t”. She didn’t reply, and even though the next day she seems to be better and ate lunch with us, but I don’t dare to talk directly to her.

Just this morning she answered my SMS and said “I forgive you and let’s be friend again”. I feel so happy and releave. Therefore I made some mental note; I promised myself to say “I forgive you” to my love ones when they make mistake and to be more careful with my tongue. A very meaningful lesson for me indeed.


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