my admiration…

as i sat there
among some people in the room
and you are standing there
with a good posture and proper attire
do your presentation
I couldn’t help but wondering
where and when did you learn
to speak in such a way
Insurance Agency?
or maybe the pressure of life?
pushed you to learn
to give such great explanation
I just want to say
that I admire and proud of you
may you keep on growing
to become a great speaker
and impacted many lifes.

3 thoughts on “my admiration…

  1. Thanks hon. This morning, God remind me about our family vision. Become family that bring other family to Christ. God shapes our family through sorrow, difficulties, and problem. Let’s prepare our heart to face the future with faith in God

  2. Hai Nov…setelah g baca blog lu ttg Yudi.G merasa lu sangat mendukung Yudi.Keberhasilan seorang pria pasti ada wanita yang mendukung di belakangnya.Bangga punya bro sis spt kalian yang selalu memberi n mjd inspirasi bagi jemaat.

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