today, 12 years ago…

Picture this: I just woke up, when he showed up at the door. I was shocked, I haven’t brush my tooth, let alone shower. At least I was descent enough to put on my pants when my roommate told me there was a man looking for me. He hold a bouquet of yellow flower, I moved backward slowly and let him come in. We sat at the sofa in the guest room, but I tried to sit as far as possible, knowing it’s impossible to cover all my flaws by now. Kindly he gave me a letter. I read the beginning but focus on the sentence written below WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?

That’s the surprise I got when Yudi, now my husband, asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember didn’t say yes, thinking my morning odour might stop him, but I nod as hard as I could. He also gave me a necklace with a heart shape medalion on it. I was both happy and feeling ackward but then he told me to get ready because he will take me out for breakfast. I quickly run to my room, my roommate smile and I know that they knew this going to happen. I took shower, put on my nice clothes, apply some make-up and pretty for him.

He took me to a nice hotel near by. We sat at the restaurant by the lobby, and enjoy each other company and the American breakfast. It was one of the happiest moment in my life, for it’s been awhile I wish to have a relationship, and after getting to know him from several dates and conversation, I thought he’s the one. Although a small accident happenat the end, he didn’t have enough money to pay the bill. He apologize and asked if he can borrow some money from me. Not really a great impression for that special day, but I understand after he explained. It turn out that a friend gave him information about the price for dimsum breakfast on the second floor, but since he was so excited he took me to the wrong restaurant.

Anyway, after breakfast he took me back. I decided to visit my parents in the other part of the city, can’t wait tell them the good news “I HAVE A BOY FRIEND” while showed them the proved (the flower, the card and the necklace. They were happy for me but at the same time my dad said that he got to meet Yudi to make sure what kind of guy he is. In the evening we meet again at the church service, we sat together, I remember happy and proud at the same time when some friends congratulate us.

Today, 12 years ago….. he came into my life.


One thought on “today, 12 years ago…

  1. I still remember the feeling inside me. I was nervous but excited to decide that you are the one. I couldn’t sleep well at that night think about what will happen tommorow. I knew that I was not a romantic man but I have a big heart to love you. Today, your love made me complete and whole. I never thought I’d feel this way.
    In love, complete, alive today. My body awakened with just one touch. I love that feeling oh so much. I know now love is real and true. For today, I have love, and I have you.

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