How’s your weekend?

Friday after work I had a great time meeting friends at the mall
but caught in bad traffic on the way home.

Stop by at a store to buy present for our guest speaker tomorrow.
but forgot to buy a pair of black socks for my daughter.

Happy to see my husband already home with the kids.
but dissapointed for nobody help cleaning the doggie cage.

Took a hot bath and apply red nail polish on my toes
but missed spending time with my kids

Wake up late on Saturday morning try to catch more sleep
but rush to prepared my daughter for an event at her school

My husband wake up earlier
but busy preparing his speech

Have a nice conversation with my sister
But cleaning and washing tons of clothes are waiting for me

Cooked for lunch
but running out of time to cook a meal I was planning to make

Went to pick up my daughter
but it’s very hot outside and the traffic was so bad

Pick up my daughter on time.
but didn’t get a change to get money from ATM

Get home and eat lunch
but my friend call she might not able to come to the meeting.

Take an hour nap
but my kids are bothering me with their plays and fights

Get to the meeting place on time
but other friends who live closer are late

The food was great
but it take ages before we finally eat.

the lesson at the “ladies only” meeting was excelent
but we’re running quite late

My friend still want to have a Bible Study
but her husband asked her to go home soon!

Sunday Service and the Message was a heart warming.
but is not easy to walked with God and trust Him completely

Happy to meet a friend who just came back from out of town
but sad coz another friend was crying and rush to go home.

A friend buy me an ice cream and keep me company in the foodcourt
But wait a long time before my husband get out of his class.

Finished reading “slumdog millionaire” and love the story
but my mobile phone was run out battery, cannot make any calls.

Yudi kindly took me to visit a friend and help me talked
but then asked me to go home by myself for he still has a wedding to go.

Got home safely and eat my mother’s delicious fried banana
But have nothing prepared as I was planned

Have a prayer meeting with my family
but some people were absent.

Made it to bed before 10
but I felt really, realy, really tired
Even now…

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