In one episode of my life, I knew a little girl name April. She was a daughter of my friend. At the time our Church have a big sister program, I was the big sister and she’s my little one. We became friend, I don’t have to work very hear because she’s a lovely and smart person. I remember her writing a story about ants cover by chocolate, he even draw the pictures. I though she could be a great writer. I also remember we went to see the movie Mulan, and had such a great time. She told me that movie become her favourite over other Disney movies at the time. She was also patient with me when we play word games, since English is not my first language and I had some difficulties with that.

More than 10 years, After I have a daughter in her age when we were still together, fate brought us back through Facebook. I was so happy t meet my little friend who’s now a yound lady. She just as lovely as the old-time, in one of her comment on my wall, she thank me for being her friend back then. April…I miss you!

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